Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Let's just put the Salt on the table!

After years of being an internet junky, reading forums, blogs, and most recently, being addicted to Pinterest, I've FINALLY decided to start my own blog!  Yay for me!  Alright, that's over, let's move on.

As you can tell I'm running with the spice (or seasoning to be correct about some references) theme to get started.  Just a warning, I'm layin' it on thick & tangy (::pun drum noise::), get used to it...just wanted to make sure it sticks...

So as the title implies, I'm going to stop just using the salt in the kitchen and put it on the table for everyone to see and use!

My spicy tricks, tart tips, and sweet recipes are out for everyone to taste and share!

You'll see random recipes, DIY everything, nerdy jokes, and everything in between.  They are the flavors of my life and home!

Welcome and have fun!

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