Sunday, June 24, 2012

Chicken, and Biscuits, and Fries, Oh MY!

So I've spent all of this time pinning recipes on Pinterest and finally decided,
"You know, I am actually going to MAKE one of these instead of just Droooooling over them!"

So tonight for dinner I made:

picture and recipe from

As well as:

picture and recipe from
And these also:

picture and recipe from


The chicken was moist, fries flavorful, and biscuits soft and buttery!  My boyfriend loved it!  He was so excited, now he had some tasty leftovers to take to work this week.

So now, that I'm starting to get this blogging thing down, I just need to remember to TAKE PICTURES of what I make!  I was so excited that it turned out so well and was so tasty, I forgot that whole picture process of Blogging 101.
Oh well, at least you have the pictures of from the original posters which I'm sure would be much better than mine anyway...

I encourage ya'll to make any or all of the recipes above.  The leftover biscuits will be great for breakfast with bacon.

Now it's time to go make another Pinterest DIY find.... semi- Homemade LOTION!
Homemade Moisturizing Lotion from

I'll definitely remember to take picture of this one!

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