Monday, June 25, 2012

Who says Goodwill only has junk?!

So while out looking for some vitamin E cream to make the lotion I mentioned...

I decided to stop at Goodwill.  My boyfriend hates it when I do things like that but he was at home so I figured, oh what the heck!

And to my surprise, I found this AWESOME little guy!

He was only 99cents!  I mean seriously, how cute.

However, he did have a couple small ouchies.  So using some nail polish, I touched him right up.

Touched Up

So now, instead of my stove utensils sitting in this guy:

Ikea holder: functional, but I need more color

 They can hang out in this!

New guy!
 How FUN is HE?  Sorry, I love colors but am always too afraid to paint bright colors on the walls so a little pop like this guy makes me WAY happier than it should.

Oh and yes, I have a TON of spices :-)  These are the ones I used most often and keep on the counter.  The rest (two cabinets full) are stashed out of view.  Next time I'll try to be better with my "product placement" by making sure all of the labels are facing outward and such...  I'm still learning....

Anyway, YAY Goodwill, 99cents, and nail polish!

Have you had awesome finds like this?  Please post a comment; I'd love to hear about it!

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